Facebook Storage Infrastructure w/o FB IT Costs

In 2012 I did a blog post on Facebook going public.  The premise of the piece wasn’t about the fad […]


Innovation and Some Unfair Statements

This past week I read an article in Owler that called out some statements made by Sun co-founder Vinod Khosla. […]


The Next Chapter

I have been in the storage business since 1997 when my good friend Steve Duplessie asked me to come work […]

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Is it Copy Data: Cortex or Vortex?

Today I listened to the podcast by one of my absolute favorite industry influencers Mark Twomey (@storagezilla).  The title of […]

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Test/Dev or DevOps – Making Flash More Valuable

Two weeks ago at EMCWorld, Josh Goldstein, Marketing and VP of Product Management for Extreme IO was on the Wikibon/SiliconAngle […]

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A while ago I was participating in a CrowdChat™ where John Furrier coined a term “Snaponomics” (#Snaponomics).  This is an […]



Last week I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on #CurrentStatus.  I have been following Petri (www.petri.com) and […]


Businesses Could Learn from Formula 1 Racing

At the end of 2014 NetApp put out a great infographic entitled “Year in Data”. The infographic provided some great […]


Catalogic CrowdChat Today – #3rdWave

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The Next Wave of Data Protection(?) Access!

So, it’s been a little bit of time since the last post. As you may have seen, I have taken […]


7 Takeaways from EMC World 2014

So, I only spent two days there but what can you say? Lots of energy went into the making of […]


Needham Next-Gen Storage / Networking Conference

So, I spent yesterday at the Needham Next-Gen Storage and Networking Conference.  First, it was a great day.  The Needham […]


Who Knew, ‘Version’ and ‘Geography’ are Now Important

A few weeks ago I attended a presentation on data protection.  The presentation talked about “5 things to think about […]


Data Protection Innovation? – I Hardly Think So!

The other day I read yet another blog about the “old” ways vs. a “new” way to do data protection. […]

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Copy Data Management – A Data Protection Solution for the 10% Who “Get It”

I read a blog post the other day entitled “Is Copy Data Management a Replacement for Backup?” One of the […]


Backup, Not Just an Insurance Policy any More

Times they are a chanin’. To quote Steve Duplessie, Fouder of ESG and Frank Slootman, ex-CEO of Data Domain, “A […]


Copy Data Management

Copy Data Management isn’t about deleting ALL copies of data that you have created from your primary storage. Nor is […]


@Catalogic Crowd Chat – Cloud Focus

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Data Deduplicaiton – What?!

Let me get this straight, I am going to go back to my days of blogging about data deduplication? What? […]