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Marketing Gone Awry

Okay, so not many times will you see a blog post from me admitting that, perhaps the marketing and messaging […]

Storage Commercials

Video is really gaining a foothold in how content is delivered, not only in the consumer space but also in […]

Shopzilla – IBM Real-time Compression is Transparent

Shopzilla has been a customer of the IBM Real-time Compression technology for over 2 years.  Here they describe the benefits […]

Trident Micro Has Success with IBM Real-time Compression

As with any new technology there is a hurdle to get over before putting it into production, but once in, […]

Key Competitive Advantages to IBM Real-time Compression

It still baffles me when there is so much information available for people to learn about any topic and it […]

runningDATA Goes Live

I have been following Wikibon and Dave Vellante (founder) for a long time.  It has always been a goal to […]

So Easy a CIO can Do It!

You have all seen the Geico commercial - "So Easy a Caveman can Do It!" now its time for high […]

6 Ways to Tell Your Boss You’re Saving Him Money

Ever had this situation.  You know you know the right thing to do but convincing the non-techie that you need […]

5 Most Interesting Things at VMworld 2011

Two solid days at VMworld 2011 and I got to do and see a lot.  Here is a breakdown of […]

Language Weaver – RtC – Total Transparency

See how Language Weaver has utilized IBM Real-time Compression and are getting 3 to 1 compression and the solution was […]

Real-time Compression “Meets Minimum”

IBM's Ed Walsh, Director of Storage Efficiency sits down with Steve Duplessie, Founder of ESG to talk about how IBM […]

Polycom Saves Big with IBM Real-time Compression

Amit Bar-On, Manager of IT at Polycom in Israel shares his story with us about not only does IBM Real-time […]

Snowball VFX Keeps the Avalanche Under Control

What a great name, Snowball.  And much like information can behave like a "snowball" turning into an "avalanche", Snowball VFX […]

The Storage Network

With the impending name change to the "Storwize" product, the marketing folks at the old "Storwize" are at it again […]

High Tech Marketing – Part Duo

It looks like the this while 'viral video' thing just wont die.  I am a big fan of 1938 media […]