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Backup, Not Just an Insurance Policy any More

Times they are a chanin’. To quote Steve Duplessie, Fouder of ESG and Frank Slootman, ex-CEO of Data Domain, “A […]


“Big Enough” Data

Say the word “infrastructure” at Strata conference and you hear people start talking mostly about software.  One of the biggest […]

How Much Backup Capacity Does Deduplication Really Save?

There is a lot of discussion around data deduplication for backup these days.  (I wish I could deduplicate all the […]

A Data Protection Reference Architecture – The Final Chapter

The Architecture This ‘architecture’ diagram, as you can see, is not a typical architecture diagram, but hopefully it can be […]

A Data Protection Reference Architecture – Part 1

This blog will have multiple parts.  I will introduce my view of a data protection reference architecture and the next […]

Road to Recovery

Our domain, Backup & Beyond was the tagline for Avamar Technologies, a company EMC acquired in November of 2006.  This […]


Data Protection in the “New World”

Its time I get back to writing about more than just topics that surround what IBM are doing in the […]

Setting the Record Straight on Backup

Or should I say, ‘Setting the Record Straight on Backing Up Optimized Data’?  Carter discusses on this blog they myriad […]

Comprehensive Capacity Optimization – Deduplication 2.0

Technology is great isn't it?  When someone thinks they have a new idea on the same old technology foundation they […]

A Data Proteciton Reference Architecture – Part 4

Business Critical Applications The tip of the triangle focuses on the applications (or data) that drives your business.  It is […]

Road to 'Data' Recovery – 12 Steps

Hi, my name is Steve and I have a recovery problem.  Well, a data recovery problem that is.  So, I […]