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Business Outcomes are what Matters

I spent last week in London meeting with IBM Real-time Compression customers and partners and supporting the launch of the […]

Sever + Storage Optimization = Datacenter Utopia

Matt Prigge had a really great article on his InfoWorld Data Explosion blog called "VMware vSphere raises the bar -- again".  In […]

Setting the Record Straight on Backup

Or should I say, ‘Setting the Record Straight on Backing Up Optimized Data’?  Carter discusses on this blog they myriad […]

Compressed Thoughts – Transparency & Compression

Anything that upsets IT process is a big deal.  It is important, as IT investigates new technologies for the data […]

Process vs. Technology

The hardest thing to change inside IT is not technology, it is process!  I say this because all too often […]

IBM Day 1 – It’s Official

Between time off with the family this summer and all the work required to get done between 'signing' a deal to be […]

A Bright New Day – Part Duo

I am not sure how many of you have seen the ABC show 'V' but it looks like they have […]

Comression & Deduplication – Oil & Water or Milk & Cookies

UPDATE Oil & Water? Last week Mike Davis from Ocarina Networks published a blog post "Compression and Dedupe like Oil […]

No More Tiers / Tears

The great thing about blogging and independence is that we can post things that add value that we want to […]

Lean Six Sigma Your Backups

Last week I took a course offered by EMC entitled ‘Lean Six Sigma' - Yellow Belt. This is a training […]