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The Eve of the Facebook IPO

 So yesterday I am flying back from Slovakia through London and I hear to girls behind me talking about Facebook.  […]

5 Golden Rules of IT

Last week I was briefing Dan Kusnetzky, storage analyst from the Kusnetzky Group.  I was briefing him on the value […]

Shopzilla – IBM Real-time Compression is Transparent

Shopzilla has been a customer of the IBM Real-time Compression technology for over 2 years.  Here they describe the benefits […]

Top 10 Reasons Real-time Compression Provides Extraordinary Storage Efficiency

Over the past few weeks I have witnessed the proverbial mudslinging that takes place in the blogosphere when marketing feathers […]

runningDATA Goes Live

I have been following Wikibon and Dave Vellante (founder) for a long time.  It has always been a goal to […]

IBM Day 1 – It’s Official

Between time off with the family this summer and all the work required to get done between 'signing' a deal to be […]

High Tech Marketing – Part Duo

It looks like the this while 'viral video' thing just wont die.  I am a big fan of 1938 media […]


“Think” Event in NY – Pretty Amazing

If you get to NY city, check out the Think Event at the Lincoln Center sponsored by IBM to commemorate their 100th Anniversary. […]

Language Weaver – RtC – Total Transparency

See how Language Weaver has utilized IBM Real-time Compression and are getting 3 to 1 compression and the solution was […]

Storage Alchemist Video Update

Hey, as most of you know, IBM purchased Storwize and changed the name.  I have updated all of my previous […]

Business Outcomes are what Matters

I spent last week in London meeting with IBM Real-time Compression customers and partners and supporting the launch of the […]

The Storage Network

With the impending name change to the "Storwize" product, the marketing folks at the old "Storwize" are at it again […]

So Easy a CIO can Do It!

You have all seen the Geico commercial - "So Easy a Caveman can Do It!" now its time for high […]

High Tech Marketing

Does anyone know what the first 'viral video' really was?  I am going to guess it was the dancing baby. […]