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Facebook Storage Infrastructure w/o FB IT Costs

In 2012 I did a blog post on Facebook going public.  The premise of the piece wasn’t about the fad […]


Data Protection Innovation? – I Hardly Think So!

The other day I read yet another blog about the “old” ways vs. a “new” way to do data protection. […]


The Next Wave of Data Protection(?) Access!

So, it’s been a little bit of time since the last post. As you may have seen, I have taken […]


The Desired State of IT

Server virtualization has long promised unprecedented economic savings for IT; and, to be fair, there are some area where server […]


The Eve of the Facebook IPO

 So yesterday I am flying back from Slovakia through London and I hear to girls behind me talking about Facebook.  […]

5 Golden Rules of IT

Last week I was briefing Dan Kusnetzky, storage analyst from the Kusnetzky Group.  I was briefing him on the value […]


Innovation and Some Unfair Statements

This past week I read an article in Owler that called out some statements made by Sun co-founder Vinod Khosla. […]

Blue Pie Chart 10 - 90 percent

Copy Data Management – A Data Protection Solution for the 10% Who “Get It”

I read a blog post the other day entitled “Is Copy Data Management a Replacement for Backup?” One of the […]

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I Lost my Job to AWS

Okay, so maybe I didn’t quite “lose” my job to AWS, but after reading a few articles published in 2014, […]


Flash: Accelerated Adoption

As any new technology comes to market, in IT we see the adoption of that technology, as long as it […]

Dell/Ocarina – Too Little, Too Late

On October 11, 2011, at Dell World, Dell announced a component to their DX6000G object based storage called an “SCN” […]

Storage Tiers – Take 3

I find myself in a true quandary.  First, I have true admiration for my good friend and fellow blogger 3Par […]