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Top 10 Reasons to Use IBM for VM Deployments

  After a full first day at VMworld, I started to think more about IBM and their technology solutions that […]

A Blueprint for Primary Storage Optimization

During the past three to four months the storage industry has seen a spike in the number of reports, white […]

Storage Switzerland

One of the more thoughtful analysts in the industry, in my opinion is George Crump from Storage Switzerland.  (I like […]

A Data Protection Tribute to Michael Jackson

I was walking through the data center the other day when I heard one of my colleagues, MJ “Scream”, “I […]

Lean Six Sigma Your Backups

Last week I took a course offered by EMC entitled ‘Lean Six Sigma' - Yellow Belt. This is a training […]

Data Protection, Retention and Archive Starts with Data Value

It feels good to open up the blogging again to new topics, especially ones I am intimately familiar with.  (But […]

A Data Protection Reference Architecture – The Final Chapter

The Architecture This ‘architecture’ diagram, as you can see, is not a typical architecture diagram, but hopefully it can be […]

A Data Protection Reference Architecture – Part 1

This blog will have multiple parts.  I will introduce my view of a data protection reference architecture and the next […]

Accelerating Backup Efficiency

EMC's announcement on accelerating your backup efficiency hits some very important concepts to help users make significant progress in solving […]