Mourning a Loss

I am not sure that there is anything anyone can say about Steve Jobs that hasn't or wont be said.  I am sure that there will be hundreds of stories done on Steve from the type of person he was to how he was able to transform a business.  I got to met Steve one time.  It was an interesting meeting.  Steve and Apple had "their way" and right or wrong, "they" added quite a bit to the social and technology advancements of today.  It starts with the consumer and Apple knows the consumer very well.  I would also be remiss if I didn't mention, especially from a storage perspective, to not discuss the fact that the Xserve RAID product was awesome in both form and function.  The company really knows how to innovate.

When I think about how much Steve influenced this industry (technology), almost everyone or every family in the world owns an "i" something which has his influence in it.  I wish for the continued success of such innovation that can have an impact at transforming an industry.Before I digress to far, all I'd like to say is that the technology industry will miss Steve tremendously for his contribution.

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