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Data Deduplication 2.0

Well, now that the dust has settled and all of the predictions have been made regarding NetApp's acquisition of Data […]

Accelerating Backup Efficiency

EMC's announcement on accelerating your backup efficiency hits some very important concepts to help users make significant progress in solving […]

Backup Takes Off!

There has been a lot written about the airline industry and its ongoing challenges.  Bankruptcies and mergers have been frequent […]

Now 'it' Makes Sense

In a day and age where people are trying to understand the value of social media, no one can argue […]

EMC World Kicks Off with Clouds and Virtualization

EMC World kicked off this morning first with a presentation from yours truly on Data Deduplication 2.0 - Comprehensive Capacity […]

Process vs. Technology

The hardest thing to change inside IT is not technology, it is process!  I say this because all too often […]